Primal Eating: Week Eleven

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on February 12, 2013 · 4 comments

I feel strong. I feel alive! I feel amazing and ready for each day. Next week we’ll be primal for three months and I’m still not sure how we got here so fast!

I’ve pushed myself to what I thought was my greater outer limits of physical ability over this last week.

Each time I did something physical, I still had this little voice in the back of my mind saying, “if you do this you know you’re gonna end up in bed for a week,” and then I’d ignore that little voice and continue with what I was doing. Three months ago, that little voice would have been dead on accurate. Changing my mindset has been as important as changing my diet. People (I’m a part of that equation) tend to ignore good health until they’ve taken it for granted, lose it, and then realize what true health feels like and how much they miss it. We can become obsessed with trying to find that magic pill that will cure our woes, but none can take the place of healthy living.

My energy seems to know no bounds. Without getting out of balance in my daily routines with Simone, her and I have ventured outside every other day. I have to be strategic with how I do things with her, because if too much is changed throughout our daily routine, there’s hell to pay later when putting Simmi to bed.


Every other day seems to work beautifully for us so far. I’ve had a little slight irritation in my lungs over this last week from burning all the tumbleweeds, but it hasn’t been bad and I haven’t had any wheezing OR lung crackling at all AND I haven’t needed the assistance of medication and a nebulizer. Best of all, I have NOT needed any recovery time in the form of laying down in bed to rest. My muscles are a little sore, but after each long day of very active physical labor, my joints still don’t hurt. That is a major victory for me.

Before going primal, this is what would have happened after just a few hours of physical activity:

  • My joints hurt, which would prevent me from using full range of motion
  • I had very little to no energy, even after drinking coffee
  • I would push myself hard to do simple tasks
  • If I was involved in heavy physical labor it would take a week or more of being laid up in bed to recover

Not any more.

When I have those nagging thoughts about being laid up in bed, it’s just a knee-jerk reaction to what I used to go through. I need to allow myself to celebrate the fact that I no longer need a week of bed rest to recover from a few hours of physical labor.

I’ve loved being outside, burning up the weeds, raking using more range of motion, digging in the dirt for over an hour to harvest Jerusalem artichokes, and continuing to do yard work even after everyone else went inside. I felt in control of my own body again.

We had a few windstorms over the past several days, and regardless of how well and healthy someone is, windstorms will ALWAYS kick your ass. On days when windstorms are strong, no weed burning can be done, and it’s often hard to work outside in general.

Spring is only weeks away, and with that comes even more intense windstorms. As of now, the storms have only been around 20 mph which is nothing compared to 70 mph in spring. I’ll continue to work in the wind until it’s too much for Simmi to handle during the day. She’s a high desert child for sure! The wind is just an amusing, and sometimes annoying occurrence. The most annoying being dirt and sand going in the mouth, ears and eyes. ;)

Today I start the Leptin Rx for regaining leptin sensitivity. You can click the link to learn more about it. I’m not going to post the guidelines about how to follow the Leptin Rx because Dr. Kruse has everything on his site you’ll ever need to get started on it. I’ll just continue to update my primal eating each week, and included in that update will be an update on my leptin sensitivity progress. After I get back from my road trip to NJ, I’ll be starting cold thermogenesis as well.


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Melonie K. February 12, 2013 at 12:02 pm

The wind is gonna get WORSE? We’re still getting used to it here. LOL When we were on the island, the jungle trees and the buildings all around cut the bulk of the wind…still getting buffeted back and forth on this flat land with just mesquite to catch us. ;)

SO glad that this is working out to well for you. I assume/hope you are still taking time to relax and stretch out after those long days of work though. Even though you feel like Super Woman now, your body still deserves the break. Especially with how much you’re getting accomplished!


Angela aka Farmer Jane February 12, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Aww, you’re so sweet Melonie! :)

Yes, every other day is kind of a laid back day. I kick back with Simmi, play cards, watch movies and fun things like that.

The wind gets so bad here, and it can come out of nowhere. I’m not sure if you saw the video we posted last year when the wind blew the greenhouse over, but here’s a link to that post, and also the video:


Melonie K. February 13, 2013 at 1:32 pm

Good! So glad you’re taking time off as much as you are putting time in/on! :)

Yes, I remember when the greenhouse blew away. Crazy! I think we had a typhoon around that time too. LOL


Angela aka Farmer Jane February 13, 2013 at 1:36 pm

Our windstorms are small potatoes to what you all had to endure! I’m glad you all are safe and sound back in the US of A. It’s gotta feel good! :)


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