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by Angela aka Farmer Jane on February 7, 2013 · 2 comments

On the last day of February 2013, I will be taking bus trip across country to see my Shoshie Girl in her senior play. Shoshie has a lead role in her high school production of “Little Women.”

My journey will take two days to get there, a two day stay in New Jersey, and a two day trek back to my hometown.

Since Greyhound has WIFI service, I’ll be blogging from the bus and interviewing anyone who would like to be seen on our blog. Some people are shy about stuff like that.

After I booked and paid for my non-refundable bus ticket, I started searching online for lodging and a car to rent. I haven’t traveled and rented a car in three years, so I just assumed that I would be able to do what I usually do…book a reservation, and get a car when I get to my location. Not…any…more! It turns out that in the last few years, things have changed when renting a car. Every place I called requires a major credit card. No debit cards. So, what the heck does a person who doesn’t own a credit card do?

I was so frustrated I could cry. I called all different rental companies and they all said the same thing…no major credit card, no rental. There were two places that said they would take a debit card, but they required $200 deposit over and above the amount of the rental AND they wanted to run a credit check on us. I was like, “what would you do with my credit score when we just need to rent a car for two days?” That is their policy. If a person doesn’t have a major credit card they are then exposed to having their privacy invaded financially in order to rent a car.

I was beyond angry. My problem is that I don’t know what kind of score they’re looking for in order to rent to someone with a debit card. I explained that I’ll be traveling two days by bus, and I in no way want to be stranded in an unknown city because my personal credit worthiness wasn’t up to their standards. They tell me that is their policy, and so I ask if there are creative ways we can work this out, like if I were to go to their local rental agency here in NM so I can book the trip and then they can run the credit check here. Again, my biggest fear was being stranded with no way to get a car since both rental agencies were doing this. They said that wasn’t possible and would I like to book the reservation now? LOL Right, I just told them I didn’t want to be stranded; they give absolutely no other options to work with me like if I could give them the check card number and they run the credit check over the phone or at a local agency.

Just before I was about to have a big blubbery cry/breakdown, I tried one more place located near Atlantic City, NJ. The name of the car company is Just 4 Wheels. I was trying to hold back the tears and stay strong, hoping that somehow this locally owned and operated family business would be able to help out in my situation. I spoke to Lynette (I hope I spelled your name right :) ) and she was able to help me out and get me a reservation for when I get into town. Thank you again Lynette for working with me and making it possible for me to be mobile while visiting my Shoshie girl!

I’m traveling by bus because the flights into NJ were over $400, and that’s more than I can afford since I need to rent a car and a hotel room for two days. I’ve never traveled by bus across the US so this will be an adventure for me.

It’s also kind of scary for me to be away from home for so long since I’m the one that cares for Simone the majority of each day. The only times I’ve ever been away from her have been during my long pneumonia hospital stays and one trip to NJ about three years ago. I have always been the one in charge, and being that Dom is a big softy, the big question on everyone’s mind here is, “How’s Dom gonna do this with you gone for so long?” Now, that’s not a slight on him in anyway. It’s just that I’m the strict one that keeps her schedule in tact as much as possible and I’m also the one who says “no” all the time. LOL If Simone could choose to be with either one of us each day, she would choose Dom every single time. I love that about her. But, we have some serious work to do over these next few weeks to get her ready for Poppie to transform into a “no machine.” If we don’t, Dom will be stressed out with screaming meltdowns and non-stop protests all week. I don’t want that for either of them.

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people on the trip, striking up engaging conversations, reading, writing different blog posts as I pull into each bus station stop, and trying to figure out how the heck I’ll eat primal while traveling across the United States.

I’ll have to be creative, figure out exactly what kind of fast food or restaurants are at each bus station and keep my fingers crossed. I know that since I’ll be on a bus for a few days each way, I’ll be able to get nuts and seeds, but I don’t know if I want that to be my diet mainstay.

Anyone with links to special primal/paleo recipes for traveling, definitely leave a comment below. I don’t eat any type of grains, gluten, sweeteners other than stevia, or starchy vegetables. I have a few weeks to prepare too, so that’s in my favor at the moment. ;)

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Annette Knipfing February 8, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Hi Angela,
Hope you have a wonderful trip… must be feeling such excitement to see her. Wow, playing the lead role in a play !!! Please give Shoshie our love and wish her good luck (not that she needs any luck, I’m sure she will be perfect !!) Love to all !!!


Melonie K. February 8, 2013 at 6:17 pm

Congratulations to her on getting the lead role. Hope all goes smoothly for the play and for your trip. You are so brave – what an adventure!


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