Primal Eating: Week Seven- Giving Up Coffee

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on January 15, 2013 · 0 comments

We love coffee. Period. We went without coffee for awhile and felt a little thrown off by the absence of that deep roasted goodness. When Dom got promoted to a new position at the company he works for, we decided to start drinking it again.

He and I have started many-a-morning with coffee. It has always been a part of our time together, our talks, our deep discussions and flirty moments sitting across from one another.

The act of drinking the coffee isn’t as important as the habit we’ve created around our together time, which we covet and protect like a treasure. There are times on a Saturday when others in the house would plop themselves down at the table where he and I were engaged in conversation, and I can feel the cold chill of an upcoming squinted eyed look coming on, to warn the household intruder of his/her offense upon our morning coffee time.

Saturday and Sunday mornings are not the time for family to come and join conversation with Dom and I. We’ve had our own time and kept to it religiously our whole marriage. Of course there have been times we’ve allowed others into our morning time, but I can count the number of times that has happened in almost 9 years. Yes, we are that guarded about our time.

Husbands and wives, lovers and partners, all need those moments to come together and have real conversations where they won’t be interrupted or feel their time is being encroached upon. We need to protect our marriages and relationships everyday from the onslaught of requests, intrusions, and those who just simply want to “talk.” There are times when others don’t seem to understand how important our time together is, and when we’ve seen them coming we were quick to let them know that this is our time. The word offended comes to mind when we see their faces as we tell them this is our time.

If we don’t have our coffee time, we feel like something is missing, off, not quite right, and then we remember that we had some sort of project or thing that required us to leave the house. Makeup time is always paramount, and sometimes requires double time the next day.

So is it the coffee or our time that we love so much? It’s both to a certain extent. I do love coffee, but I’ve been able to live without it. Dom on the other hand, loves his coffee almost as much as he loves his time with me in the morning. Coffee, it seems, is a hard mistress of his.

I’ll stop drinking the coffee to see if it helps me in my primal life. I’ve heard that coffee can have cross-reactive proteins in it similar to gluten AND dairy, and since I’m avoiding all grains and gluten, I’d like to see if it helps push me forward in my healing.

I’m coming along very nicely, with continued energy and clarity of mind. I’ve lost inches and pounds, dropping a few dress sizes, but there’s this nagging feeling inside that coffee may be holding me back a bit. Dom doesn’t plan on stopping his coffee drinking…yet.

At the eight week point of Primal Eating, I plan on stopping coffee all together. If after two months of not having any coffee I don’t see even more improvements, then the final thing to eliminate is all dairy. I’m hoping that it won’t come to that! I love cheese, butter and cream.  :)

We’ll need to relearn how to have our morning time without coffee on my part. My guess is that after a few weeks, Dom will give up the coffee too, since it was something that we always shared together, and instead join me in a cup of loaded tea.

What’s a loaded tea? Well, it’s black tea with a bag of peppermint tea (or other herbal concoction) coconut butter, concentrated coconut cream and a little stevia to sweeten the deal. I have to be careful with how much coconut butter I use because I have strong cleansing reactions to it.

I haven’t included “Gems from Nora” over last week or this week simply because I’m a on a time constraint to get certain projects done this month.

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