My Cold is Almost Gone

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on January 21, 2013 · 2 comments

This is the first time in NINE years that I have had nothing more than a simple cold. Last Monday it started with feeling a little rundown and tired, and now this Monday I’m just a little rundown still and my cold is retreating.

I never developed a fever, chills, or a clogged nose. I had some sniffles and mostly a cough which wasn’t very bad at all. I never needed to use an inhaler or nebulizer, nor did my lungs tighten up, crackle or wheeze!

This is a major milestone in my health! Simple colds used to send me to the hospital. Not anymore. I have good energy in the morning but by mid afternoon I’m tired and need to lay down, so I know I’m still fighting something.

I think the worst is over though. I am so grateful to be able to lay down and rest and not have it cost us over $20,000 in medical bills. It costs over that amount to be hospitalized and I don’t think there has ever been a bill less than $20,000 each time I have pneumonia! We saved our insurance company a whopping $20,000 last year because I didn’t get pneumonia AND another $20,000 this year. I know that’s why we pay for our health insurance, BUT health insurance can’t nor will it ever make you healthy.

I believe with all that is in me that lacto-fermented foods and my beet kvass saved my life. More over, it was my amazing husband who faithfully and lovingly persevered in educating me about the need to have these foods in my life. He has saved my life, preserving and healing what we thought could never be fixed. He knew lacto-fermented foods and beverages would help, but he never expected me to make it through a cold unscathed! I’m a walking miracle.

There is nothing in life more fulfilling and satisfying than to know that your mate, your lover, husband or wife, has your absolute best interest at heart, and that you can trust them with your very existence.

For Christmas, Gina brought us over a Kombucha mother from her stock. She started making kombucha a few months ago. That one scoby has made two more mothers and now we have three batches of kombucha fermenting. Dom is in his glory, and I started adding about 1/4 cup of kombucha to my beet kvass.

If you haven’t yet started adding lacto-fermented food and/or beverages to your diet, I highly recommend it!

Also, if you live locally (not too far from Los Lunas) and you’re interested in getting your hands on some whey for making lacto-fermented veggies and kvass, live kefir grains, and/or a kombucha scoby, let me know because we’d love to share some of our stock with you. :)

At this time last year:

We planted:

Fuji apple tree, Jonathan apple tree, 8 Radiant crab apple trees

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Melonie K. January 22, 2013 at 7:18 pm



Angela aka Farmer Jane January 22, 2013 at 7:19 pm

Heehee! You’re so cute Melonie. :)


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