Getting Prepared for New Projects

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on January 11, 2013 · 2 comments

At the close of this weekend, new projects will be commencing and I’m so excited.

I’m currently working on five play dresses for Simmi, and after I’m caught up on cleaning (everything fell behind with my sewing projects…totally worth it), Monday I’ll start collecting items to start working on our bedroom.

When we moved into our room in June 2012, I was mentally and physically exhausted from changes in our household, so we decided to wait until I felt renewed and full of piss and vinegar to begin our bedroom makeover.

Here’s a list of things I hope to accomplish from January 14th through the 31st:

  • Repaint the walls and trim
  • Breakdown pallets to create the pallet wall for behind our bed
  • Purchase industrial L brackets for wall shelves and spray paint high metallic shine
  • Make shelves out of pallet planks
  • Make two matching industrial consoles, add baskets and poof! Rugged his and hers dressers (see photo below)
  • Paint nightstands
  • Paint head and foot boards
  • Make two lumbar pillows for blue reading chairs
  • Repair tears in blue reading chairs
  • Paint legs on blue chairs the same color as head board and foot board

Breathe! Okay that’s enough for two weeks don’t you think?

Here is the console I’m thinking of making…they will be the same length as the bookshelves and be located directly below the shelves flanking each side of big window:

Source: via Kitty on Pinterest


I need to get the major part of our bedroom done to make way for a huge project coming up in February- the Passive Solar heating unit.

If I can complete the majority of our bedroom makeover, then I can concentrate on filling all the 2 liter empty bottles we’ve been collecting over the last two years to get them ready for installation. It will mean spending hours outside taking off the labels and then filling each one with water. Of course Simmi will be right there to help fill the bottles. :) She will be warm and ready to go in her new play coat!

That’s just on my project list. Dom has his own extensive list and he feels a little pressured since his time is so limited due to working two jobs.

Anthony is getting settled in, and soon he too will have projects to take care of in the following months. He’ll be learning the following:

  • How to cap off plumbing to a bar sink
  • Safely removing built-in cabinets
  • Mud, tape, sanding and texture to finish drywall
  • How to paint a room using multiple vibrant colors
  • How to install wall molding around doors and baseboard
  • How to install a door knob
  • How to install a ceiling fan with light kit

He and Noah will also be assisting Dom in the passive solar heating project.

At this time last year:

Dom made a water level


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Melonie K. January 11, 2013 at 8:51 am

Love that shelf setup – but reading your to-do list is making ME tired. lol Good thing you are back full of piss and vinegar again. ;) (Love that phrase, my great-gramma used to use it a lot….maybe because it suited her too. heh heh)


Angela aka Farmer Jane January 11, 2013 at 9:00 am

Hi Melonie,

Sometimes when I say piss and vinegar I think of pirates…I don’t know why. LOL ARRRR! I don’t know how I got the word association between that phrase and pirates, but it adds a funny mental twist for me when I use the word. AHAHAHAHAH!

I wanted so much to put more on the list (I do have more I just didn’t post it) but I know I’ll put too much down and may not get it all accomplished. As life goes around here, stuff can easily come to a screeching halt, and then I get frustrated that I didn’t complete the projects in time, adding to the work load the next month. GRRR!


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