A New Quilt for Simone

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on January 7, 2013 · 2 comments

I’m working on a new quilt for Simone, and I’m about 75% finished with it. I still need to add the border around the edges, sew in the batting and backing, top stitching and binding and I’ll be finished. I made the same mistake I’ve always made with my quilts, not using the same kind of material together and having a template that’s slightly crooked. What that does is create imperfect squares. I mean, if you want perfection, you can go to the store and buy a perfectly square quilt right? Okay, and of course there’s Amish country, but we we don’t have $400 to spend on a small perfectly square quilt that will be maimed and destroyed during the blankie loving process. Besides, I do know how to use a perfectly square template. *winking*

The material I used came partly from the local thrift shop. Dom and I were shopping for a small kitchen appliance (we scored BIG on that one) and as I rummaged through the different curtains, I came across some material like you’d find at Calico Corners. Actually, it had the Calico logo right on it. These were custom made curtains that someone probably loved for about a year, and then just donated when they got sick of them. I knew I had to splurge on such a great find! So how much was the curtain? $2.00 AHAHAHAHAAH! Yes, I’m laughing. The material in its day was probably worth over $40 a yard. The curtain (its actually a valance) had three layers, front, back and liner. The liner is made of white flannel which will be used on her matching pillows. The white material is one of our Egyptian cotton 1200 thread king size top sheets we weren’t using any more. Talk about soft!

The batting I’ll be using is from a woven cotton white blanket we don’t use either. I used our king size sheet because it’s a very familiar softness. Kids often find comfort in their parent’s bed (ALL my kids small and grown do), and Simmi really loves to cuddle up under our covers. Of course her blankie is the barrier between her and our sheets, but hey, at least she’ll allow them on top of her. ;)

Anyway, the imperfections add to the charm of a little girl’s quilt. I didn’t take my time with any hand stitching because I know my little girl…she’ll be the first in the wee morning hours to start undoing any hand stitch, and keep going until she has a five foot piece of string she can Jerry-rig to the door knob and make some sort of escape apparatus on her pretend adventures. Yes, she’s baby MacGyver and Indian Jones all rolled into one in the flesh!

Simone will not sleep with anything but her blankie, which she’s had since we moved to NM. Her original blankie had to be thrown away before we moved out here (mold contamination) and since it was just a pink generic baby’s blanket, it was easy to find a replacement. However, if purchased a new identical pink one and tried to give it to her, the protests, screams and meltdown would start, and she would run into her room and hide her blankie where she hides everything else of amazing value…under her pillow! Too cute.

She won’t even let another blanket touch her body if I bring one in at night before she goes to bed. She tries to curl up under her blankie and stay warm. It doesn’t work. We’ve tried getting her into footed PJ’s and its a no-go. Anything to keep her warm at night, because we do turn the thermostat down before we go to bed.

I knew I’d need to make her a quilt that she could see coming together. She loves patterns and symmetry, and also lining things up in order, so a simple quilt with a repeat pattern would be just the ticket. Will she actually sleep under it?I hope so, but knowing her, she may lay on it instead, filling in the white parts with magic marker.

Yes, she writes on everything. I don’t know how she finds the markers (I keep them up high where baby MacGyver can’t see or reach them), but somehow she always gets to them. She works so fast, that if I leave the room for only a few minutes, when I come back here is what she has accomplished. —————–>>>>>

That’s our nightstand, which originally I planned to keep white since we didn’t want to paint them and put toxic fumes into our room.

We’re going to paint them now, that’s for sure!

Making Simmi’s quilt is the first project of 2013. I wanted to make quilts last year, but my hands were in bad shape. I hope to finish her quilt by tomorrow. After her quilt is completed, I’ll be spending the next week making her clothes for winter and spring. I’m so excited about being able to use my hands again!

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Annette Knipfing January 7, 2013 at 7:58 pm

The quilt is beautiful !!!! Simmi is a lucky girl…………….


Angela aka Farmer Jane January 7, 2013 at 9:57 pm

Thanks Mom, it’s really coming together nicely. I had hoped it would be done tomorrow, but it may take another two days. ;)


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