Primal Eating: Week One

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on December 5, 2012 · 2 comments

It has been one full week since starting our Primal eating journey. I did have a few fears after about three days of being in ketosis, like, “what if I do have carbs? Will my body be thrown completely out of ketosis and now I have to start all over again?” I answered my own question after having wine on Friday night.

Usually, on the weekends and often on a Wednesday, Dom would pick me up some wine and he’d have some beer. Now, I’m not one to have a mere glass or two of wine, no, I can drink the whole bottle with little more than a buzz. My body had gotten so used to it, building up a tolerance, that I never needed to worry that if I drank that bottle I’d get too drunk. For Dom, he could easily drink six beers and be “okay.” Beyond that however, it was all over for him. He’d be very drunk.

Not-Any-More. Wow, okay so here’s what happened to us this past Friday night:

Dom brings home some wine and beer, and I’m worried that my body was going to come out of ketosis with all that wine. Ketosis, it would seem, should have been the least of my worries! We were having a great time talking and drinking wine and then POOF! I don’t remember what happened next. I passed out on my bed, only to wake up in the morning with the worst migraine in my life, and throwing up every half hour. Dom had a massive headache as well, but he didn’t throw up.

I have never had such a violent reaction to wine before in my life. Maybe with hard alcohol I would, but we stopped drinking any hard liquor about 6 months ago.

Dom and I laid in bed until he had to get ready for work, and I couldn’t turn my head, open my eyes, switch positions without getting so sick I’d need to rush to the bathroom to throw up.

Absolutely horrible!

So what’s the lesson we learned? LOL We don’t operate on a sugar metabolism anymore. If we had still been eating potatoes, rice, pasta and breads, I would have only had a mild buzz off of all that wine. Now? I would be cautious about drinking even one glass.

I wish we didn’t have to find out the hard way, but at the same time, I probably wouldn’t have believed that I couldn’t tolerate more than a few glasses of wine…forget drinking the whole damn bottle. ;)

My migraine persisted throughout Saturday and Noah had to take care of Simone for me throughout the day. This was seriously one of the worst experiences of my whole life. What made it even worse is that I can’t manage a headache usually with Advil or Tylenol. My stomach can’t handle it and I would throw that up too if I tried to swallow Advil or other pain relievers. Later in the day when I could actually think, I asked Dom to bring me home some children’s Advil that melts on the tongue. That did the trick. I don’t know why I didn’t think about getting something like that to help me out sooner?!

I didn’t drink any water or tea until around 2:30pm on Saturday when I stopped throwing up. By 5:30 I was able to eat just a small piece of pork chop. On Sunday morning I measured ketones and amazingly I was still in ketosis. Probably due to not eating any real food on Saturday.

Lesson learned: We can’t drink the way we used to. It doesn’t work the same as when we operated on a glucose metabolism. Can we still drink wine and beer? Well, I won’t drink beer because I’m staying away from all gluten, but he may still have some occasionally. I will have wine, but I now know what my limit can and will be, and that doesn’t include the whole bottle. Alcohol tolerance (my opinion) I believe is completely based on glucose metabolism.

So for any of you thinking of going Primal or Paleo, be warned if you usually drink some form of adult beverage. Whatever you’re used to drinking, you’ll have to most likely cut it down to a 1/3 or 1/4 of what you’re used to drinking.

Beyond our nightmarish experience this past Friday, everything else is going great.

I do still have hives, but I’ve been able to cut down on the amount of Benadryl I take. I only get hives for a few minutes during the day, and as of Monday, the hives are less severe. I’ll give it another week, and if the hives aren’t completely gone, I’ll remove all dairy from my diet and see if that’s the culprit. I didn’t want to remove everything, because if I did that, I wouldn’t know what was causing it.

Another interesting thing that we were skeptical about, was the amount of protein we’d be taking in. I’d look at 3oz. and say, “yeah right, how is THAT gonna fill me up! No way.” But we did it. We’ve been eating much smaller portions of protein per meal and we’ve had no problem at all with hunger. It all has to do with the fats. I make sure to cook any portion of meat in butter, chicken fat, duck fat, tallow, or pork fat. Yes, we have all of that rendered and stored in our fridge. As long as there is enough fat on the bottom of the plate to dip our meat in, we’ll be completely satisfied. For the first few days, I ate a little more than 5 oz. per meal of protein, but after that, it was no problem scooting down to 3 oz. per meal. Oh, and our veggies are also covered in lots of yummy animal fat as well. A little garlic powder, salt and pepper and we’re in heaven. There’s no restriction on how much veggies we eat, but we eat probably half of what we used to at any given meal, and even some of that is left on the plate because we’re so full.

I was also worried about Dom’s weight. Dom loses weight so easily that it can become scary in just a few weeks. When we were raw, he’d dwindle down to 140 pounds which on his 6’2 1/2 ft frame is unbearable to see. No fat left on his body, and he would suffer terribly from being cold in the summer and his whole body in pain.

I took this photo of him after we had gotten married 8 1/2 years ago. It seems so long ago! He was so skinny his bones were sticking out. At that point, it didn’t make sense to continue being raw.

His saving grace? An Italian sweet cream shop located in town. He ate nothing but Italian sweet cream  and other high fat foods everyday for a few weeks and the weight started coming back.

Dom had some weight issues when he was a boy being on the heavy side, but as he grew up, it became more difficult for him to keep the weight on.

So naturally I was worried about being Primal. Would this cause him to lose too much fat if his body is in ketosis?

I answered that question with a large resounding “No way!” LOL

He does get hungry throughout the day, and although he eats less protein, he does eat a lot more fat and veggies. He lost a small amount of weight which I can see in his face, but its not bad at all.

He’s doing amazing, and he feels great. He has more energy then before, and eats whenever he starts to feel hungry.

Me on the other hand, I barely have an appetite. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but I don’t get hungry until around 4:00pm each day. I start to get some hunger pangs, but nothing serious. I don’t get shaky, jittery or light headed either.

I’ve lost 7 pounds since starting last week. Does it have anything to do with me not eating but once a day? Probably. But why should I force myself to eat if I’m not hungry and have lots of energy? I’ve never been one to eat out of boredom or because of emotions. I think my body is just satisfied, and burning the fat up in my body. I’m not gonna complain about that. After all, I am a very big girl with a lot of weight on me. I’ve been this way for a long time.

But alas, it is what it is and the weight is coming off. I feel absolutely amazing, with loads of energy. My mind is much more clear (as is Dom’s mind), and I couldn’t ask for more.

I can’t wait to see what happens after week two! I’ll keep you all informed.

At this time last year:

Everything was frozen and it was snowing. The Magpie ducks were trying to navigate the icy, slippery concrete, and each morning their pools would be frozen solid.

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Rick Raab-Faber December 5, 2012 at 10:30 am

Yes, low-carb in general will produce this effect. Not necessarily the nausea/headache, but the getting drunk quicker. I don’t tend to get hangovers from had liquor, but wine and certain beers certainly do it to me.


Angela aka Farmer Jane December 5, 2012 at 10:37 am

Hi Rick,

The very last time I drank gin, my daughter Gina was making me drinks. I don’t remember anything after that, and swore that not only would I never allow anyone to mix me drinks ever again, but that I would never again drink gin or vodka. I’ve kept that commitment. I thought that I felt sick after that night she mixed my drinks, but nothing could prepare me for what happened this past Friday. Seriously. My tolerance for any kind of alcohol is shot to shit. LOL I never thought I’d be able to say that with a straight face.

So now, I’m close to ditching any form of alcohol whatsoever. :) But I’m not being hasty. I’ll see how I feel in a few weeks when we get some wine for Christmas.


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