Our Dining Room is Officially a Duck Hospital

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on December 19, 2012 · 2 comments

It finally happened. Our dining room has officially become a duck hospital. This morning when Dom and I went out to take care of the animals, I noticed that this poor little girl was missing a lot of feathers and not walking well. The missing feathers is due to her being favored by the drakes, and it would seem that from yesterday through today, they must have injured her legs as well as rubbed off a little too many feathers from her wings.

Often when it rains out, the ducks get more frisky and aroused. In our case, it looks like a case of gang duck rape. I’ve seen this before with our Magpie ducks, but up until now, the Muscovy ducks have been able to take care of themselves and fly away if they don’t want to be mounted. I’ve also witnessed drakes ganging up on one favored female as they all hold her down. There isn’t much a duck can do in those instances.

We scooped her up since she couldn’t walk more than just a few small steps, put her in a rabbit cage we already had and brought her in to heal and get a little tender loving care.

Sitting under the warming light, basking in the warmth must feel great on her bare pink skin. It gets quite cold outside right now with the temperature dropping into 19 degrees or less at night. I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying her new temporary home.

Simmi has been a constant companion, singing her sweet heart out to the duck in hopes of comforting her.

The dining room was also the living room for a while. After realizing that there may be times when an animal may need to come into the house for warmth and recovery, we switched the rooms. I didn’t want farm animals hanging out in our living room. Being in the dining room however, wasn’t as big a deal.

When the utility kitchen is completed, recovering animals will go out there instead of in our home. This is the first time we’ve needed to bring a duck into the house. When they were a day old, they stayed in the dining room for a few weeks and then were transferred out to the utility kitchen, and finally out to the courtyard.

I hope she’ll recover nicely, gain back her feathers and can return to her family. In January we’ll be taking down our first Muscovy drake, and we’ll continue the process each month until we have 8 Muscovy ducks and 2 Muscovy drakes.

By that point their permanent habitat will be build and ready to occupy. I can’t wait!

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Melonie K. December 19, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Poor girl! Hope she has a speedy recovery. I still remember the first time I saw a bunch of male mallards ganging up on a female at a town park. I was 13 and absolutely melted down. My dad was so shocked by the violence he charged into the group and scared them off the poor thing. I know, of course, they probably went right back at her when we walked away, and that it’s just their natural way of things, but at least she had a few minutes to recover a little.


Angela aka Farmer Jane December 20, 2012 at 7:58 am

Hi Melonie,

I’ve found that most of the time the ducks actually encourage it. It’s so weird how she will do the dance that makes them crazy, and they all come running. Some are better at the dance than others. When we first saw it with the Magpies, we were shocked too.

If its at the park, the poor thing had no choice but to get constantly bothered by the males. Here if that happens, they become a great soup. :)

Okay, so they become soup and a meal anyway, but duck rape is the fastest way to nominate themselves for the job. :)


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