Another Interior Project for 2013

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on December 4, 2012 · 0 comments

I’ve come up with yet another ambitious interior project to work on in 2013, and that’s tackling our bedroom. I’ve always loved the way unfinished rugged pallet planks look on the wall, and decided earlier in the year that we would eventually collect enough pallets to work on our own wall. Well, I believe we’ve collected half the pallets needed to start this project. And in another month, we should have all of them.

At the moment, as you can see in the photo to the right, our house is really starting to resemble Sanford and Son. Remember that old TV show? Boy am I dating myself now. ;)

Every time I look out the window and see Dom bring home another pallet, I hear the theme song to Sanford and Son playing in my head.

Here’s the song if you don’t know what it sounds like:

So now you know the song that plays in my head whenever we get new pallets, or other “useful” objects for our projects which cost little to no money.

There were many ways we could have treated the pallet wood to get a desired look, but in the end, the rugged, natural, weather worn wood was what we decided on. We have more pallets in the courtyard and in the large field on the south side of the house. Yes, they’re everywhere. Dom’s been breaking them down over the last month now to give us room for him to bring home more pallets.

Beyond the wall, we decided to use stainless steel paint we already had here to refinish the head and foot board of our bed. I think the high contrast between worn weathered wood and fresh shiny stainless steel will look awesome.

At the foot of our bed, I love this idea for a DIY bench


For behind our headboard, I’ll be drawing these horses in charcoal and sepia to contrast the two different horses.

I wrote a post about redoing our bedroom this earlier this year, but since moving into the master bedroom in June, a few things changed because of the location of our new room.

Working on projects without money or with very little money can cause us to need be patient as things become available.

As we move towards becoming unplugged in our bedroom (no lamps, computers, TV, or other electrical things like cradled phones and internet connection) here is what we still need:

Two candle chandeliers for each side of the bed

It just needs a little more bling ;)

Two tall mirrors for above the night stands. They don’t need to be matching but should be equal in size

Two Pottery Barn candle magnify glass. Of course they don’t need to be from Pottery Barn, and may end up being something we make ourselves. I love the concept!

We also scored two old beat up blue wing back chairs for in front of the large picture window in our room. I’ll be keeping them as is, throwing sheep skin over part of the tufted backs, and adding a homemade rectangular pillow to each chair. We purchased both chairs for a total of $50.00, not too shabby!

Although this armoire is very fancy, I’d like to try and find a mirrored armoire, I just don’t know what color it would be, or the shape or size. We need something for our clothes, since in the future we’ll be changing our bathroom closet which houses all our clothes.

We do need to purchase paint to repaint the bedroom also. We may experiment with milk paint, but we’re weary since Simone is allergic to dairy.

There’s more, but maybe I’ll write a part two for this post at some point.

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