Worms in the High Desert?

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on November 20, 2012 · 0 comments

Aren’t those the cutest little carrots you’ve ever seen? When I go down to the quadrant where we have our winter garden, I usually will try to thin out some of the carrots growing, since Dom planted so many. While I was pulling baby carrots out, worms came out as well!

We never put worms into our sheet mulched beds. All the beds were prepared with manure, straw and aged compost. That’s it. The beds have shrunk to about 4 inches high, but the soil created is black, teeming with life and we’ve got worms.

How does that happen? How do worms survive the dry alkaline sand and make their way into our soil? Where do they even come from? I love a good mystery.

I only brought one little worm in for everyone to see, and then we put him out in the compost pile.

Most of what we planted in our winter garden has made it through some pretty hard freezes. Although the beet tops got a little damaged, new leaves are growing. The carrots continue to grow, and the cabbage only sustained minimal scorching. Some of the spinach was damaged, but new leaves keep popping up each day to make up for anything lost to the frost.

Our little crops have survived 19 degree temperatures. I was sure they were going to kick the bucket…but they are very much alive and thriving.

We’ll be planting garlic this weekend down in the quadrant. When we harvested the garlic planted in spring 2012 (yes, we ended up with a lot of garlic), I saved a lot of bulbs for us to plant this fall.

We’ve got worms in the high desert…I feel so blessed.  :)

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