Today Was a Full Work Day!

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on April 8, 2012 · 0 comments

Wow, I don’t usually take photos from this angle of the property. How strange!

Behind Dom is the south side where we’ll be putting larger animals.

The area Dom is working in is where the greenhouse will finally be put to rest.

Dom has buried concrete pillars 3 1/2 feet into the ground.

Once the concrete sets and is hard, he’ll add a pressure treated wood base and angle iron secured to the concrete.

After that comes the fun part of moving the greenhouse to the back of the property (its currently in the front).

Today was a day filled with watering, observing, planning and finally working.

Noah was the go-between as Dom and I threw Noah back and forth between jobs.

Meanwhile in the front of the property, I was trying, TRYING, to get the area marked off for the first garden bed row.

Dom stopped by to tell me my bed was too big, so he reduced it down, and then called me back again.

We got everything marked off, and the first layer of manure was added to the garden bed. We’ll be sheet mulching everything in this particular large garden.

Here are some photos of the day:

The first fruits of one of our apricot trees has made an appearance. It was so awesome to see those fuzzy babies clinging to the branches.

A few of our fruit trees has aphids! I was so perturbed when I saw them on the plum trees and the apple trees.

I named the pear tree above “MOXY”, since it really showed UMPH last year, persistently putting out fruit all season, which I would snip off. Not this year. Moxy is free to bear as much fruit as she’d like.

The Stella cherry trees we just planted are already setting fruit. I won’t allow any fruit to grow on these new trees this year, but I was amazed at how beautiful the cherry and new plum tree’s fruits are. Below is one of the new plum trees with fruit.

If you click on the above photo, you’ll see these strange red bumps growing on the stem of the Stella cherry trees. If anyone knows what this is, please leave a comment to let me know if I need to worry about it.

Below are a series of photos of Dom and mostly Noah being a goof. Oh, and while I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but in a lot of photo backgrounds you’ll see black plastic bags. They are either filled with straw to be used in the garden, or aged horse manure ready to be spread. We only keep bags of poop and straw…no garbage. :P

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