I Was Camera-Less for the Last Few Days

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on April 18, 2012 · 0 comments

If there was a fire, after saving Simmi, I’d make a mad dash and risk 3rd degree burns for my camera.

My other kids are grown, so no problem with them getting out of harms way.

I only say that because as they read this they’ll be thinking to themselves (and telling me), “HUH! Just Simmi? You wouldn’t save us too?”

My camera has become a part of my soul. That’s sad right? I feel that photographs are a way of glimpsing into my world and staying for awhile.

This weekend, I was camera-less and going through withdrawals. Yes, like some junkie on the street, I was looking to get my fix, and my camera was not anywhere to be found.

I thought I would be okay. And after the shock of Gina asking to borrow it for her camping trip, I put fresh batteries in, gave her the case and watched her leave with my appendage. Yup, I usually have my camera with me all the time, or its within walking distance to retrieve it if I see something I want to capture. Not this time.

Saturday I was fine, and went about my business, and then I noticed how much the ducklings are changing. “How beautiful their brilliant white feathers were coming in!”, I thought to myself, and in knee-jerk fashion ran in to get my camera. Then I stopped and remembered its not here.

My stomach started turning and I knew right then that I had a camera addiction.

Sunday rolls in fast, and once again I wanted to take some photos but no luck. Anyway, this continued until today. Each day I felt like something was missing from my life. How could a material possession like my camera make me breakout in a cold sweat as I realized it was absent from my life?

I realize that I’m not the best photographer in the world, nor do I have any training in taking photos, but that doesn’t matter to me at all.

One day I’ll take courses perhaps, but I don’t live in a fantasy world where I think my photography can only improve if I go to school. Everything is trial and error, and learning as I go. As long as I capture my world and document it for my children to always remember me by, that’s all that matters in the end…doesn’t it?

I actually discovered that my camera, although digital, has an F stop. No, I didn’t read the manual when I first got the camera, and I discovered the F stop by mistake. Yup, a year and a half after getting the camera, and I’m amazed it can do more.

Since November 2010 I’ve taken 10,675 photographs.

Here are some catch up photos:

This peach tree is currently being devoured by aphids. I applied neem oil to it last week, but today, new residents have taken the lead in dealing with aphids…lady bugs. Even though the tree is suffering, it is still bearing plenty of fruit. Woohoo!

I’m not sure if you can see the lady bug in the above photo (click the photo to make larger), but there are about 5 on the tree right now, mating as we speak. Yes, I missed the opportunity to photograph two lady bugs mating, but hey, I’ll check back tomorrow. :)

This is Moxy the pear tree. I named her that because of her Umph! in trying to set fruit all last growing season. She’s setting fruit once again, and this time, look at how much she’s giving.

Above is one of three white mulberry trees planted in October 2011. These are tough desert bitches to be able to withstand the freezing temperatures and the intense sun during the day. Amazing.

The smaller apricot tree has lots of fruit for its first time bearing. Our larger apricot tree only has one or two apricots.
Here’s another shot of a different branch:

The ducklings are growing fast and getting their white feathers. I love how ducks and ducklings always look like they’re smiling. :)

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