Thursday’s Momentum

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on March 16, 2012 · 1 comment

Thursday turned out to be both a productive day and a day that for us kicked off the beginning of spring.

We were planning on using our compost to start seedlings, but the mix has far too many fungus gnats and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want gnats flying around our house all day, annoying the crap out of us.

Six bags of organic soil was used to start seeds, and as you can see in the photos, Simmi was there to help out putting soil into each seed cell.

Okay, well, she was actually more content pouring the dirt on herself, on the floor, in a cup, and on me, but hey! she’s was very attentive and interested in watching what I was doing.

So far we filled 30 seed cell flats until we ran out of soil.

While Simmi and I were filling flats, Dom was eagerly banging away in the kitchen trying to get ready to hook up the new dishwasher.

It took nine hours to hook up the dishwasher. NINE! and this wasn’t Dom’s first rodeo when it comes to dishwashers. He thought it would take just a hour or two, but just like everything else in this house, nothing ever goes smoothly when it comes to replacing or fixing something things here.

So what was the problem? Well, first of all, I don’t know HOW the original owners actually hooked up the dishwasher.

We knew that the opening was for a dishwasher, but it had been taken out and mismatched cabinet doors and two shelves took up the space instead.

Last year when we took the cabinet doors off to paint them, we noticed two holes and a heavy type wire sicking out of the cabinet walls.

At that point I knew it was for a dishwasher! Do you see the white flex hose coming out of the inside of the cabinet? That hose had to make it around the underside of the corner cabinet carousel. Trying to snake two separate hoses under the carousel was no easy feat.

At around 6:00pm we ran the very first load of dishes. We were not disappointed! It was so quiet that it only whispered as it started and also as it went through each phase of the cleaning process.

Because the dishwasher is so quiet, there’s a red light that will shine on the floor to show the unit is currently on.

It takes about three hours from start to end with the sanitize option. Is it worth it? Yup! It takes two hours for us to do dishes, and then another hour to clean the kitchen, so if it cuts our cleaning time by 75%, I’m happy with that!

As the day progressed, Noah, Simmi and I went outside to do some much needed work. Noah moved compost into all the areas I’ll be planting very soon. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Hauling compost is a back breaking job, especially when you have to lug it a half acre to its final destination.

It wasn’t a one time trip either! I’m talking about going back and forth for more and then shoveling it into place.

He definitely got a workout!

All the fruit trees and perennials got a deep long watering.

The nectarine trees have blossomed and in just a day or two our peach trees will follow right along.

Another exciting thing that happened this past Thursday was the decision to order more ducklings.

As I was taking care of the ducks and chickens, I noticed an insane amount of flies buzzing about, and its not even summer yet!

Last year we lost the battle with flies and they won!

This year we wanted to be ready, so we ordered 15 white Muscovy ducklings.

The ducklings will be here next Wednesday or Thursday.

There were a few reasons we chose these ducks (which are more like geese than ducks).

  • This breed of duck doesn’t quack. Our Magpies are LOUD and quack all day and night. Not so with Muscovies…they have no quacker. Yes that’s my technical term. :P
  • Muscovies are known for their ability to eat massive amounts of flies. Often farmers will keep a handful of Muscovies inside large animal stalls since they LOVE flies and their larve. They will also eat different types of bugs including poisonous ones.
  • Unlike our other ducks, Muscovies can fly and enjoy roosting in trees. Have you ever seen a duck hanging out in a tree? I look forward to them occupying our pine trees.
  • I’ve read online that they have personalities like dogs and love to be around people and children. One of my homesteading peeps on Facebook said that Muscovies also have a sense of humor. I can’t wait to see that.
  • Muscovy ducks are great mothers, sitting on eggs till they hatch and teaching their offspring everything they need to know to survive…and thrive.
  • Because they have a voracious appetite for bugs and flies, typically they eat less manufactured feed. That doesn’t include as they are growing or during winter months.
  • The Muscovies we ordered are 50% larger than other Muscovies, with less fat and more meat. This works out perfect for us since the Magpie ducks we have are only good for their bones and fat. The small amount of meat on their bones helps to flavor soups, but Magpie ducks will only be used for their eggs, fat and bones. The Muscovies will be used for their meat…when the time comes.

In closing, there will most likely be one more post today for Friday’s Independence Days Challenge. I was up extra early this morning, sneezing my brains out and I just took a LOT of Benadryl to help with my allergies. I’m going back to bed this morning since the Benadryl is starting to kick in.


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Meagan March 17, 2012 at 2:32 am

Ohhh the new ducklings sound like they will be so much fun! Although with all their extra wonderful personality traits, it would/will be harder to do “the deed” when the time comes… =/


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