Independence Days Challenge

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on March 10, 2012 · 0 comments

I’m worn thin this week. I have little to no energy, my whole body aches, my mind is in a constant state of turmoil and I’m at my wits end.

Yes, I’m complaining. Whining really, and that’s not usually my style.

Dom and I feel demoralized by this week’s events. Each time we walk outside, we’re reminded of what happened just a few short days ago.

I’m still recovering from the windstorm that brought our greenhouse hopes and dreams to a stand still.

It hasn’t been easy for us. I’ve been trying to rest up for the last few days in order to get ready for the next round of concrete pouring, securing the greenhouse again and building all the shelves. Better late than never right? Just like this weeks challenge. I didn’t have the strength to even write what we accomplished this week, so I’m doing the challenge today.

Independence Days Challenge

Plant Something:

After our new trees had been crushed under the greenhouse, they were placed in water over night and planted in containers the following day. Below is a few photos of the damage they endured:

In the first photo to the left are cherry trees. All the different varieties are in tact, but the bark on one of the scions suffered. I’ll be pruning off the damaged portion, but there is enough of the scion to grow back. (I hope!)

The second photo below to the right is of the apple trees, which sustained the most damage to one of the scions as well as to the main trunk. I’ll be wrapping each of the areas and hopefully all the scions will make it back.

Harvest Something:

60 eggs were harvested this week.

Preserve Something:

We preserved the greenhouse from total annihilation. See photo at top of post. ;)

Waste Not:

Eggs shells are saved for chickens to eat.

Eat the Food:

Homemade macaroni and cheese with brie, cheddar, fontina and Colby jack. Also in the mac and cheese were rotini pasta, sweet Italian sausage, milk, butter and topped off with panko bread crumbs.

Lots of salads, homemade dressings and breads.

Build Community Food Systems:

We’re currently planning out our new home based commercial kitchen. We will be providing traditional sour dough breads, jams and jellies, and many other foods for our community. We’ll even be extending our business to paws near and far in the form of gourmet dog treats. No one gets left behind. :)

Skill Up:

  • Reading two books right now on starting a bakery
  • Watching instructional videos on how to build our own solar panels
  • Dom is reading “The Barefoot Bee Keeper” to get us ready to build our top bar bee hives
  • Dom is also reading two books on building commercial wood fired ovens to retrofit into our commercial space
  • Dom and I designed a new way to keep the greenhouse grounded


I’ve drawn up our preliminary design for our new commercial kitchen. I’ve also designed my new office and our bedroom design.


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