Edible Landscaping in the High Desert

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on January 10, 2012 · 2 comments

Is the photo to the left GORGEOUS or what?

I look at it and my heart skips a beat and I lose my breath for a second.

Now, imagine that taking over our desert property! L

ast week I ordered Rosalind Creasy’s book Edible Landscaping and also another garden journal, both of which haven’t arrived yet.

Any day now! What I love about the cover of her book is the fact that everything is on the patio and in containers.

I want my courtyard to look like that this summer. Is that possible? I would be in La La Land if I believed it, but a girl can dream right?

The one thing that would stop us dead in our tracks from having our courtyard look like the cover of Rosalind Creasy’s book is our DUCKS!

The chickens can do some damage too, but not as much as the ducks can do in little under an hour.

Another set back to having beautiful flowers everywhere is the urge and need for Simone to pick every marigold we had growing last year and feed them to the angora rabbits.

So cute, so destructive, and at the same time it was like she couldn’t help herself. Of course the rabbits were very happy to receive her lavish gifts, but my marigolds disappeared very rapidly and as soon as my petunias started coming up, they too started to disappear.

We stay vigilant during the spring and summer to keep the gates to our property closed because there are so many jack rabbits around that would LOVE to eat our food and greens.

I’ve been loosely forming my plans for our main garden areas and one reason is that I want to read Edible Landscaping and make sure I leave lots of room for this amazing way of gardening.

Just look at the photo to the right and tell me you don’t feel awe inspired!

I believe that more than 75% of that garden is edible and mixed in with all the vegetables, fruits and herbs are ornamental flowers and plants.

What a feast for all the senses! Simone would be in her glory to see such colors, smells and textures.

She’s the other reason for wanting edible landscaping. We can easily take for granted the need for color, aromas, the feeling of things, and how they taste, but for Simmi everything is an exciting new adventure. Each flower she smells, she needs to invite us all to smell it.

The colors that don’t escape her gaze are recognized and draw her to it like a little honey bee.

She loves seeing berries ripening and understands when she can pick them…into the mouth they go with little regard for those around her.

Sharing is not an option in those moments. She loves seeing the fruits and vegetables growing on the vines and plants and also loves to help harvest them.

With all the new progress she has made in the last five weeks, I can’t wait to see what she will actually express this spring and summer as things begin to mature and bring forth their fruit.

I look forward to day when we too have black berries spilling over the walls of our courtyard and trailing right up behind them are exquisite roses.

Actually the photo to the left just inspired me to plan on planting them on the fence to the left of our new greenhouse.

Our handy little greenhouse will only being used primarily to start seeds. Can you imagine the intensity of the high desert sun reaching its rays through the hard panels of our greenhouse? Can you say fried babies? I would have no sprouts or starts to speak of if the sun gets at them fully exposed! Black berries and roses shooting up over the fence can bring some mid-day relief to little sweet plants.

The other book I ordered should also be here this week. Its P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home Journal (Potter’s Style). No, I didn’t get it new, I couldn’t afford to pay $265.00 for it new.

Yes, one seller on amazon.com was actually selling it for $265.00 brand new. I went for the slightly worn used copy someone had for $25.00.

When I just checked back on the price, they now are selling new for $155.00. Still, who has $150 to spend on a journal you write in? LOL Not me! I’d rather spend it $150 and get 15 blackberry bushes! :)

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to get the journal. I would like to use it side by side with the other vegetable book I have.

The journal provides spaces for creating plans, and also graph paper to draw out the actual garden spaces.

Even though I’m not a fan of little tiny graph paper, it will give me a trial doodling space. I love creating master plans on large scrolls of paper that I graph out myself. Now, if only I could find where my husband put all my colored pencils! humpf! They’re missing.


The books ended up coming about an hour ago and I sat flipping through Rosalind Creasy’s book like it was the bible.

Its scoring right up there with sacred text in my eyes! I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone that wants start an inspirational garden.

The other book? BLLAAAAAAAH! Yuck! I don’t know why anyone would pay even $25 for the used version of this journal.

I guess they can charge over $100.00 because of the name…that has to be it. Its lined paper, a few recommendations and places you can put scrap pieces of paper or what ever you want into the pockets. Don’t waste your money on this journal. You’ll do better putting something together on your own and separating everything into categories.

Also, today 8 flowering pink crab apple trees were ordered.

Crab apples are great for making your own pectin. Why should we need to buy it each time we want to make jelly if we can make our own.

Plus crab apple trees are STUNNING to behold in the spring when they set out their gorgeous blossoms.

We’ll be creating a new walkway that goes from the street to our front door, and on either side of the walkway, these trees will add beauty and the wow factor I’ve been hoping for.

I wasn’t sure until this morning what kind of fruit trees we’d use for the walkway, but just one glance of the flowers in the photo to the left I think says it all!

Also ordered were two other apple trees that will flank each side of the entrance to the large pasture. One Jonathan Apple which becomes ripe in late November through December, and one Fuji apple.

Next on our list will be to order blackberry bushes and White Eden Climbing roses.

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Diane ("Dez") March 26, 2012 at 8:42 am

Hi! Stumbled across this, and you, on GoodSearch. I’ll be back to read your other blogs!


Angela aka Farmer Jane March 26, 2012 at 8:45 am

Hi Diane,

I look forward to getting to know you too.


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