Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in the Garden

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on July 27, 2011 · 0 comments

Diatomaceous earth has been an amazing product to have around. Not too long ago I contacted a fellow blogger to ask what she uses to control the flies around her ducks and she suggested diatomaceous earth. After doing a little research on it, we decided to try it for ourselves. All the research I did led me to food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) rather than regular DE.

I put DE in the duck’s food, in their bedding, and all over the concrete after I’ve cleaned the pen out. Most feed stores carry food grade DE and I highly recommend it if you have animals and LOTS of flies.

DE can also be used in the garden. Caution and care must be used though if it is administered because DE will kill not only the bad insects, but also the beneficial bugs and insects….including bees. Right now we are putting DE only on our cabbages and Brussels sprouts. We also put DE on fire ant hills and regular ant hills. I don’t want to kill all the spiders, although I wouldn’t mind if the scorpions ate some! It does kill any little bug, but it is completely safe for human consumption as well as animals. It can be put into the feed of horses and livestock as well as dusting the coats of larger animals to kill the flies.

Here is a video I found on DE:

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