Tobacco Hornworms in My Garden

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on July 12, 2011 · 0 comments

I’m going to need to be vigilant now that all these new larvae are attacking my garden. I had no idea the desert was exploding with this much life. Often I think of just the brown landscape, harsh weather conditions and lack of rain, but I simply wasn’t prepared for the amount of life that is exploding here right now. The high desert gardening experience this year has allowed me to begin planning now for next year’s gardens. Understanding that there are cabbage worms, Pandorus Sphinx larvae, Tobacco Hornworms, we need to attract predatory insects that will eat or utilize these little creatures.

Tobacco hornworms enjoy eating eggplants, tomato leaves and young unripe tomatoes and also pepper plants.

Do you see the Tobacco Hornworm in the photo above? ;)

Another juicy treat…this time for our chicks. Unfortunately the only thing that Ugly Betty has taught the chicks about foraging, is to run around the pen with a juicy treat in her mouth and taunt her two little illegitimate children.

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