The Green Sith Lord

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on July 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Hyper-vigilance isn’t working! The Green Sith Lords (Tobacco Hornworms) have wrought havoc on our little garden! This morning I found them merrily munching on our tomatoes and tomato leaves. I put four in a bucket to feed to the ducks (Ugly Betty doesn’t like the way the larvae smell) and then looked around at my decimated garden!

One of the sith lords ate my whole pepper plant. I can’t sit in the garden all day and night, and it seems as though they have won this year! Its a great lesson for next year…and believe me, I’ll be ready for them!

Most of our cabbages are ruined and will not make it back, they are all but skeletons plants and lace. The cabbage worms can do major damage in one night, and they seem to love not only my cabbage, but also my Brussels sprouts. They even ate some of my baby Brussels sprout heads! GRRR!

I’m cutting down the rest of our broccoli stalks today, except one, that I’ll leave to bolt. In its place I’ll  be planting my all time favorite greens…arugula. After harvesting the broccoli leaves, I’ll be leaving them out over night to wilt and then I’ll be making stuffed broccoli leaves. Its similar to stuffed cabbage, only you use broccoli leaves instead.

See all the holes around this pepper plant? That is from a bird that must have found one of the green sith lords and ate him up. There are a few leaves left on this pepper plant, so it may make it back. This particular pepper plant I never expected to grow. It did grow and actually is the only pepper plant in this plot that gave me peppers first. The green sith lord must have eaten my baby peppers too!

Cabbage worms have won this round, but I’ll win next year! Do you see how they have eaten my cabbage from the inside out? There is no cabbage head left.

Brussels spouts are getting decimated. If any more leaves are eaten off, the plant isn’t going to survive.

Even some of the baby sprout heads have been eaten.

There are so many bees around our pumpkin blossoms, that they fight over the pollen. Sometimes I’ll look inside a blossom and see a bee hugging the stamen. I haven’t seen bees fighting over our other blossoms, so there must be something extra yummy about these blossoms.

Our pomegranate blossom just opened this morning. It isn’t fully open yet. It will be fully opened when you see the gorgeous yellow center. I’m not sure if it will set fruit this year, but I won’t be picking them off. Aren’t the buds interesting? They look almost like peanuts.

One of our bush cucumbers.

Two of our summer squash have fused together to form one interesting squash. We have so many squash now, we’ll be picking them each day. The other day I was able to get one, today I picked off three.

The first of many grey zucchini.

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