Our New Mulberry Trees

by Angela aka Farmer Jane on July 7, 2011 · 0 comments

I fell in love immediately with these mulberry trees. My hope is that they will not go through too much shock and make a full recovery. Both trees lost a lot of the root system while they were being dug up. After they were planted, I applied a rooting hormone to each tree and now we will just need to hold our breath and wait to see if they make it. I’m a little doubtful that the large one will make it. The bark on the tree was damaged vertically in a few different spots. It is like a double insult to take the root system AND have injury to the bark.

The mulberry’s location is also the future location of the chicken coop. The chicken coop will sit in between the mulberry trees. This area will be stunning when we are done with it. Both trees are definitely solar uplight worthy. Two solar uplights on each side of each tree should do the trick! I also want to thank our neighbor Joe for saving these trees for us and helping us plant them.

Two tomatoes of our Early Girl variety just finished ripening…I’ll be picking them off today.

The weeper hoses arrived yesterday…today they will be installed.

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